Technology - Vacuum cooling


Vacuum cooling is a pre cooling method where the produce is cooled down by vaporizing moisture from inside the product itself. This vaporizing takes away energy in the form of heat from the product, and this ensures rapid cooling down, normally within 15 – 30 minutes for most products.

For products with a "high surface to weight" ratio like leafy salads, spinach, mushrooms, sprouts and flowers, vacuum pre-cooling is perfectly suited. But also other (more compact) produce like beans, broccoli, celery and sweetcorn, and perishable products like (straw)berries can quickly and efficiently be pre-cooled by using vacuum.

Vacuum cooling

Cool Solution Kft., in partnership with Weber Cooling, offers a range of premium quality solutions for vacuum cooling and cold chain management, using state-of-the art refrigeration technology and the latest environmental friendly refrigerants.

Together with a world-wide supplier network, we and Weber Cooling are leading in vacuum cooling technology, and are able to supply full cold-chain solutions for vegetables, flowers and other produce, and for food & bakery applications.

Our goal is to help you with quality preservation of your fresh produce & hot food production. Maximizing your product yield & quality, and your profitability.