Planning & Project Management - Services


"INVESTMENTS professionally as we do it"

We are at our clients’ disposal with various services, being able to communicate not only in Hungarian, but also in English, German, Italian, Romanian and Russian. Our activity is extended to the territory of Eastern and Central Europe.

Let's start at the very beginning...


  • Choosing the land and the site – Elaboration of the selection criteria
  • Comparative analyses

PRM-TENDER step by step

  • Soil mechanic and geodesy measurements
  • Authorization and tender plans
  • Managing of the building license procedure
  • Collaboration with the authorities and public service suppliers
  • Detailed cost calculations and breakdowns for subsidies
  • Tender documentation
  • Collaboration with the technology suppliers, optimalising of the installation plans
  • Multilevel tendering procedure
  • Tender meetings, selection of the contractors / general contractor


  • Execution plans
  • Final technological plans
  • Cooperation with the authorities
  • Providing of Responsible technical supervisors (FMV), Technical inspectors (ME) and Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator
  • Elaboration of the contracts and control of their fulfillment
  • Construction supervision, records and verification of the construction log
  • Organization of constructional tasks (ensuring the social and labour safety conditions, waste disposal, guarding, cleaning etc.)
  • Coordination of the construction works, Project coordination meetings
  • Project administration and account management
  • Investment management
  • Reports and site surveys for the grant organization and the bank
  • "As built" plans
  • Technical handover and Reception by the Authorities
  • Control and elaboration of the reception documentation
  • Put into function process and trial operation
  • "Put into function" license


  • Our services are available in a "step by step" structure, or you can choose our INVESTMENT service pack together with the tasks included in CONCEPT, TENDER or CONSTRUCTION packs, including the services starting from choosing the land to obtaining the operation license


  • Above the INVESTMENT services, this includes the coordination of the warranty and maintenance works, the preparation of the maintenance plans and contracts, and, if required, the organization of the facility management tasks. Furthermore, within a separate agreement, we can assume the entire facility management tasks.