Planning & Construction - Cooler houses and processing plants


"High value from fresh to frozen"

Our company reserves its general contracting capacity mainly for the construction of cold storehouses and food industry plants.

  • Whatever we refrigerate, we customize the designing and the execution for the product to be refrigerated, from fresh to frozen.
  • During the designing of the refrigeration and the processing of the food industry products, we always take into consideration the product itself, the storage solution, the processing technology, the market conditions and the logistical requirements.
  • We have wide experiences in designing and execution such as apple concentrate producing plant, IQF-projects, milk processing factories, slaughterhouses, special meat processing plants (shashlik, doner kebab), sausage smokers, bakeries, fruit drying and canning plants.
  • We've been involved in subsidies since the programs preceding the adheration to the European Union (PHARE, SAPARD), and we still provide services of complete assemble of the tender documentation.
  • On request, we are able to elaborate your concepts on the product development even to designing the packaging, with consideration to the trend and the requirements of the market.