Planning & Project Management - Factory construction


"INVESTMENTS professionally as we do it"

The project management branch of the COOL SOLUTION Ltd. was established to provide professional assistance to their Partners for the realization of industrial plants, factories, logistic centers, halls as green field investments, based on our collegues’ experience of decades in designing, execution and operation.

We feel self-confident in providing these services due to the countless successful investments which brought us knowledge and proficiency.

One of our specifically strong abilities is the establishment and the development of sites for foreign companies settling in our country, since we have a significant international routine.

According to the Investor's requirements, we provide technical, tendering, financial and also legal professional assistance from the beginning to the operation of the plant.

Our mission

  • The Investors usually accomplish one or only few investments, while this is our main activity, so we can guarantee an objective approach and professionalism…
  • Our goal is to gather together all the interested parties, since they all have different professions and competences
  • Our task is to combine the interests of the parties for achieving the target
  • Our professionalism motivates us to the maximum, and we expect the same from our partners
  • We invest our best in consultancy, so we assume responsibility for all our acts

The most important aspects of our job are the following:
  • Investment and operational costs
  • Sustainability
  • Low maintanence costs
  • Deadlines
  • Quality
  • Innovative and ecological solutions

Why choose us?

  • You have the routine, but you are too busy to manage an investment
  • You are hesitating, because you are not used to invest
  • You don't know where to start
  • You find it difficult to manage the warranty problems
  • You feel like giving up underway (i.e. because of a "messed up" tender/grant documentation)
  • You just wish to take good and reasonable decisions!
  • Or you just want to do it professionally!

In case you wish to work with a general contractor, you still need to have a professional staff who represents the Investor’s interests and who will manage not only the designing and the tendering process, but also the entire investment.

In case you wish to implement your concept without a general contractor, our company is able to manage this situation also, starting from the designing through the construction works to the successful operation trial-period.