Planning & Construction - What and how?


"High value from fresh to frozen"


Main products and special solutions:

  • We design the so called classic cold storages "for growers", for the long-term storage of apples, pears, plums, on request with refrigeration technology with direct evaporation and low delta T, or with the most ecological liquid chiller (indirect) technology using a water-glycol agent, with "traditional" or "dynamic" ULO-technology, on request completed with humidification.
  • For the rapid cooling of the sour cherries and cherries to the adequate pulp temperature, we introduce the necessary raised cooling capacity, and with the special execution of the chamber we can obtain the forced ventilation.
  • For the storage of large quantities of potatoes, onions, carrots, cabbages and root vegetables, you need a specifically energy saving system to achieve an economic solution. In this case we use a special combined cooling technology, which takes natural use of the exterior air’s cold energy. During the conservation, we measure not only the interior air conditions, but also the exterior temperature and humidity, and we set up the special computerized program according to the measured values.
  • For the distribution of fresh (primer) vegetables and fruits, we dimension the cold rooms, the cooling technology, and the sorting, packing and commissioning areas according to the daily product traffic required. For cooling down the sensitive products, we apply "silent" cooling.



  • For the planning and construction of banana ripening plants, we apply the complete technological control and supervising system, using the products of the main European manufacturers. We participated at test operations of multiple weeks, in case of putting in operation more banana ripening rooms due achieve more experience and to develop our technology. "Ground level" and two storey (meant 1- and 2-levels) banana ripening rooms are available according to the Principal’s requirements and the local conditions. The rooms may be supplied with direct evaporation or with indirect (glycol) refrigeration technology.
  • For cooling or air-conditioning of the sorting, manipulation, expedition (dispatch) and processing areas, with consideration to the installation and lay-out plans of the workplaces, we supply double-block air coolers for working areas, or air coolers with special textile pipes. Another applicable solution is the installation of industrial heat pumps, not only for cooling, but also for heating these areas.
  • For low temperature rooms (-35 - -18 Cels.) and for normal temperature (0 - +12 Cels.) logistic cold storages, we provide a special room construction technique, designed with consideration to the required static or mobile racking systems, also delivered on request.
  • The designing and the execution of freezing tunnels and rapid cooling rooms are always a special mission, due to the fact that there are numerous influencing factors, such as the type of the product, the required temperature, the cooling intensity, the packaging of the product etc.
  • We apply vacuum coolers for cooling various fresh table mushrooms (main product: champignon) and iceberg lettuce, which technology offers an extremely efficient solution for their intense and rapid cooling, avoiding high ventilation and “overcooling”, and improving the storage life of the fresh products.