Technology - Cooling technology


We designed and realised cooling systems for most areas of the agriculture and food industry, such as:

  • Cold storehouses for normal atmosphere and with ULO technology
  • (Fluidizational) freezing tunnels for fruit and vegetables
  • Special rapid coolers for sour cherries, cherries and apricots
  • Air-mixing chambers combined with outdoor air for the bulk or container storage of potatoes, carrots, onions, roots and Chinese cabbage
  • Cooling technology for banana ripening chambers and refrigerated logistic centres
  • Technological and room cooling for diary plants
  • Cooling the working areas of slaughterhouses and meat processing plants
  • Storage of fresh and frozen meat products
  • Cooling technology for rapid freezer chambers and freezing tunnels, crust freezers
  • Freezing technology for bakery products
  • Vacuum cooler for iceberg lettuce and mushrooms
  • Spiral freezing systems

We install systems with direct expansion and also indirect (liquid chiller) systems, with ecological Freon (R404a, R407C,….), with ammonia or with CO2.

We install the storage chambers, tunnels and rooms completely, including the execution of the rooms, the cold storage doors, the rack system and the air technology elements, in all cases with consideration to the product itself, the packaging and the batches.

Elements of the liquid chiller

  • air-cooled condenser
  • control panel
  • primer pump
  • secondary pump for cold rooms
  • compressors
  • buffer tank (glycol-water)
  • distributor-collector
  • heat exchanger with trussed pipes

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